Afternoon Session (Friday)

from 15:30 Open Space – Developing links and projects

(Partly English, partly German.)

Moderators: Felix Wittmann and Anne Pinnow.

15:30-16:30 Collect and select topics of discussion
16:30-19:30 Time for group work (multiple rounds)
19:30-20:30 Active break and poster exhibition
20:30-22:00 Evaluation and outlook

The Open Space gives you the opportunity to discuss issues with the other conference participants. At the beginning of the afternoon session, contributors will suggest topics which will be collected and chosen by the audience. (Early submissions for the open space are already available on the abstracts page.) It is important that contributors be passionately committed to their topic. The audience will then divide into groups depending on which topics are voted for.

The contributors will present their chosen topic to the individual groups in whatever format they wish; as a presentation, film, brochure etc. The presentation should not last more than 15 minutes to allow for an intensive discussion, each group has a total of 1 hour for the presentation and discussion.

The language for each group is decided by the group, only some of the groups will have an interpreter. Which groups will be translated will be decided before we break up into the groups.


All topics are permitted, if you gain enough support from the audience then that is exactly the right choice! Given the theme of the conference, we encourage topics that will help to connect the two movements of Unconditional Basic Income and Degrowth.

Presentations could, for example:

  • emphasize a particular aspect of one or both movements trying to imagine aspects of overlapping interest with the other movement;
  • select a particular societal/ political challenge to which both movements are supposed to provide, in different ways, an appropriate answer;
  • outline a project idea that could benefit from synergies of both concepts or movements

…ultimately the engagement of the participants will decide which topics are discussed.

All the groups will be summarized onto posters and exhibited during the active break so that people can follow the discussion and outcome of each group.