Aim of the Conference

The aim of the conference is to create a dialogue between the movements for degrowth and basic income. Each movement should learn about the relevance of the other and ultimately aim to identify points of intersection, common challenges and opportunities for cooperation. Ideally a long term network will be established that supports both topics and increases their relevance on a European level.Social justice is one of the claims made for having a degrowth society. A basic income provides a possible solution to establish social justice which does not depend on being able to find gainful employment. At the same time, by decoupling work from income, one of the drivers for growth on an individual level is removed. This helps to provide the conditions for a social and ecological transformation of society. A basic income is therefore a route to a degrowth society, however, a basic income does not necessarily start the ecological transformation that is so urgently needed. Consequently, addressing this fundamental challenge of the 21st century needs to be thoroughly incorporated into any implementation of a basic income and its accompanying measures. Along with your contributions, the conference will address the many overlaps between social security, democracy, an alternative/­solidarity economy and sovereignty of time.