Attac exhibition on an unconditional basic income

Throughout the conference, the attac exhibition on an unconditional basic income will be on display in both English and German. On Thursday and Friday the English version will be on display in the Katholische Akademie and will them move to the Gallery Speckstraße in the Gängeviertel for Saturday and Sunday. The German version will be in the Gallery Speckstraße on Thursday and Friday. The Gallery will be the location for the drinks reception at the end of the day on Thursday and Friday.

Description of the Exhibition

The exhibition web page is available here (german).

The Idea of an unconditional basic income is an old emancipatory idea concerning social security and the freedom of the individual. It is especially beneficial for the production of art and culture in society. The unconditional and individual security emancipates the artist and the creative person by removing the economic pressure to create art or culture that is marketable and geared towards generating income for survival. When this pressure is removed, the actual content and ideas within art become central. The same goes for all areas of the community; truly creative content and the meaning of life are central aspects of a basic income society.

The exhibition starts with an introduction into the topic of basic income. Additionally, it is shown which steps have already been tested in different countries and various political options to change society towards a basic income society are analyzed. Finally, the effects of a basic income and the possibilities to realize it are shown in a small projection for the future. Sorted by four categories “Introduction, First Steps, Effects, and Future” on 25 placards with text and pictures, the idea of a basic income is made easily accessible for everyone.