Midday Session (Friday)

11:15-13:15 Four parallel discussion groups on overlaps of unconditional basic income and degrowth

We deepen our understanding on common subjects by discussing specific approaches from both the perspective of degrowth and the perspective of unconditional basic income.

Only some of the sessions will be translated with the presentation languages as follows:

  • Session A and D will be translated (English/German).
  • Session B: Only English, without translation
  • Session C: Only German, without translation

Each speaker will give his or her contribution of maximum 15 minutes followed by a discussion.

Session A: Time Sovereignty I

This session will be translated (English/German).

Moderator: Filiz Mahler

How Time Welfare with UBI Leads to Degrowth.

Katharina Bohnenberger
The impact of an unconditional basic income to time welfare in a post-fordist working environment.
abstract, slides (pdf) [German].

Ulrich Schachtschneider
Green basic income feeds time sovereignty feeds degrowth.
abstract, slides (pdf).

Werner Rätz
Gesellschaftliche Arbeitsverhältnisse, individuelle Arbeitszeit, Grundeinkommen und Wachstumsrücknahme.
abstract, manuscript (pdf) [German].

Session B: Time Sovereignty II

This session will be held in English with no translation

Moderator: Barb Jacobson (UBIE)

The Ambiguity of UBI driven Time Sovereignty.

Tobias Krall
Basic income between economic growth and degrowth. Positions among activists forthe popular initiative in Switzerland (abstract).

Hanna Ketterer
From basic income to transformations of work and into degrowth?
abstract, slides (pdf).

Judith Kleibs
Is the new ‘different’ really different?’ Thoughts on escaping the instrumentalist social logic of accumulation and acceleration.
abstract, slides (pdf).

Session C: Solidarity Economy/Alternative Economy I

This session will be held in German with no translation

Moderator: Jochen Menzel (Zukunftsrat Hamburg)

Between Handicrafts and the 3rd Industrial Revolution: Effects of UBI on various forms of labour or work.

Christine Ax
Basic income as chance for a flourishing, local, sustainable economy.

Eva Nalbach
The third industrial revolution and its effect on working hours in the current economic framework; on visions, possibilities and dreams in the world of profits, costs and growth.
abstract, slides (pdf) [German].

Otto Lüdemann und Bernd Fittkau
Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) and Economy for the Common Good (ECG): “Difficult Relationship” or a “Dream Partnership”?
abstract, slides (pdf) [German], manuscript (pdf) [German]

Session D: Solidarity Economy/Alternative Economy II

This session will be translated (English/German).

Moderator: Stefan Füsers (Netzwerk Grundeinkommen)

How does UBI sustain both Care and the Environment?

Sandra Antelmann
Care-revolutionary perspectives on degrowth and unconditional basic income.
abstract, slides (pdf) [German]

Nina Šoštarič
How to compensate for social and environmental reproduction? – Two dilemmas, one common solution.
abstract, slides (pdf), manuscript (pdf)

Ingrid Wagner
Basic income and distribution.
abstract, manuscript (pdf)