Open Call

(Closed) Open Call for the conference Unconditional Basic Income and Degrowth

19-20 May 2016 in Hamburg

The deadline for proposals has now passed, thank you for all your contributions we will inform you via e-mail of our decision.

The prep committee of the conference will accept proposals for the following two lots.

Lot 1: Exploring values and opportunities

(organized in 4 discussion groups)

Discussion of aspects of degrowth, of unconditional basic income, or of overlaps of both with a view to their particular role in one of the following areas.

  1. Social security
  2. Democracy
  3. Solidarity economy/alternative economy
  4. Individual and collective time sovereignty

For details on these areas see the themes of the conference here.

Lot 2: Developing links and projects

(organized in open space style)

Presentations may

  • emphasize a particular aspect of one of both movements, trying to analyse aspects of overlapping interest with the other movement (similar but not limited to those in lot 1).
  • analyze a particular societal or political problem to which both movements are supposed to contribute, in different ways, an appropriate answer.
  • outline a project idea that could benefit from synergies of both concepts or movements

Proposals for lot 1 are selected by the prep committee and those accepted will be published on the conference website in advance. Proposals not selected by the prep committee may be part of lot 2 if the author agrees.

Proposals for lot 2 will be published on the website in advance. All these proposals, along with additional ones coming up at the conference, are proposed at an Open Space session. Those with sufficient support by the audience will be on the agenda. The number of sessions is limited by the time and rooms available. At least 12 presentations will be possible.

We are looking forward to your proposal. Please submit it by 18th March 2016 to: opencall@ubi‑

Your proposal should comply with the following criteria:

  • Title: max. 150 characters
  • Summary: max. 2500 characters
  • Picture or sketch on the proposal: max. 500kb (optional)
  • Profile of author: max. 600 characters
  • Picture of author: max. 300kb (optional)

Speakers are invited to hold a presentation about their selected proposal of max. 15 minutes. The prep committee may combine two or three presentations in one session.

Authors will receive an answer by 24th March 2016.

In case of questions, please do not hesitate to contact us in advance: opencall@ubi‑

Best wishes,
The prep committee