Unconditional Basic Income Europe

Unconditional Basic Income Europe (UBIE) is a network of organisations and individuals who have different cultures, languages, social interests and political and religious or philosophical backgrounds, but share the common view that an Unconditional Basic Income is a sustainable long term solution for our society.

GLS Bank Hamburg

The GLS Bank was the first social and ecological bank in Germany. GLS stands for “Gemeinschaftsbank für Leihen und Schenken”, which translates as “community bank for loans and gifts”. The bank was founded in 1974 and it currently finances around 23,000 projects and businesses.

Zukunftsrat Hamburg

The Zukunftsrat (Future Council) Hamburg is a network of over 100 societies, initiatives, councils, institutions and businesses. Their common goal: a sustainable and just development for future generations. The Zukunftsrat Hamburg was founded in April 1996 as response to the Agenda 21 action plan proposed at the UN Conference on Environemnt & Development (UNCED) held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.

Gemeinnützige Treuhandstelle Hamburg

The Gemeinnützige Treuhandstelle Hamburg aims to be a point of crystallization for guidance, help and networking between people with ideas, cultural initiatives and financial resources.


umdenken Heinrich Böll Foundation Hamburg, supported by the Hamburg Centre for Political Education.umdenken offers green policy oriented political education for adults and young people alike, to encourage individuals and communities to act critically and independently. We are committed to a dynamic society where debate and participation prevails over authoritarian decision making, political withdrawal and apathy.

UmweltHaus Am Schüberg

For ten years the Umwelthaus am Schüberg has stood for climate protection, education for sustainable development, a sustainable economy and biodiversity. The team of the Umwelthaus uses its expertise, years of experience and community connections in Hamburg, to offer training, seminars and compaigns as well as consultancy for church communities and

Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie Hamburg

Working together, changing together! That’s what the Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie (Economy for the Common Good) Movement stands for and what our regional group in Hamburg engages in.

The goal of the Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie is to work together in a democratic, participatory and impartial way to establish an economic system where the commmon good is the first priority, whilst respecting the Basic Law (Grundgesetz) of Germany and the Constitution of the Free and Hanseatic City of

Das Gängeviertel

On August 22nd, 2009 two hundred people active in arts, politics, and social activities entered the Gängeviertel in order to save it from decay and demolition, and to create in Hamburg’s downtown an area with the aim to promote arts, culture, and talks, both in studios, in apartments, or in social projects.Tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world have since come here to attend art exhibitions, concerts, and live readings or to discuss urban development. We have, in the meantime, suffered a long and hard winter and honed the concepts of how best to use the areas affected. At this moment of time, we are negotiating with the City of Hamburg the future of our quarter. It is meant to be a room free to everybody!

Each and every person is welcome to join us: as a visitor, as an active member, as a sponsor. We are many and our number is increasing daily.

We are the city because the city is all of us.

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