Social Programme

Social Programme in the Gängeviertel

The social programme of the conference will be held in the Hamburg “Gängeviertel” which is a ten minute walk from the conference site. More details will be made known via the website.

The Gängeviertel relies on participation. That means that as many conference participants as possible need to help. Anyone who would like to help prepare the vegan lunch or the party hosted in the Gängeviertel can write a short e-mail to



We will offer a vegan lentil soup on Friday lunchtime in the Gängeviertel to all conference participants. The meal will be paid for by donations, be generous and bon apétit!

Evening and After Party

There will be an exhibition on display throughout the conference in the Gallery Speckstraße. There will be a drinks reception in the gallery directly after the conference on Thursday and Friday from 22:00 and the Jupi Bar next door will be open offering music.

We will close the gallery on Friday at about 00:30, at which point you we are all invited to a party in the Fabrique/WOW where we can drink and dance into the early hours

Basic Income/Degrowth Conference After Party

DJ: Schneesalomé (Soundcloud link) + guest,

“Rhythm as Opium”

Saturday UBIE

For Saturday lunch we will offer a Chile sin Carne for the people attending the UBIE meeting, and on Saturday evening we’ve organized a small party in the Jupi Bar.


For those still in Hamburg on Sunday afternoon at 15:00, we will be offering a guided tour of the historical Gängeviertel, the meeting point is the Jupi Bar.